2015. 10. 28.
Lavender garden above the city
2015. 06. 25.
It was the beginning of a new day at Continental Hotel Budapest. It has been a long time since I am aware of the fact the every day has its surprises. In a hotel with almost 300 rooms, besides serving our guests, executing events, constant developments we hardly ever have time to sit back satisfiedly and calmly. On the other hand I truly believe that we have to learn how to live the successes and special moments.
2015. 06. 12.
Kitti Szász, four-time female freestyle football world champion, fascinated many people with her incredible knowledge at our hotel recently. Her show contained a flawless, energetic and musical choreography combined with acrobatic elements.
2015. 02. 20.
A touching message arrived in my inbox one day. Four students thanked our hotel staff for having helped them out of their tight situation.
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